Version 4.0.0 (2022-April)

Version 4.0.0 (2022, April) is a major release with many important changes.

The DSL model has been improved (with a new parser) and is now the unique model for Telosys.

For now version 4.0.0 is only available with Telosys-CLI


Since version 4.0.0 there is only one type of model: the DSL model.

The DSL model has been enhanced to support all functionality previously available only in "db-model", thus the "db-model" is no longer useful.

Annotations and tags are now usable at entity level.

It is possible to create a new DSL model from a database schema (as for the previous "db-model")

The DSL model has a new structure: each model is completely contained in a directory. It is more convenient to exchange and store models.


Many new annotations have been added to enrich the DSL model.

The DSL model offers now 55 annotations.



New objects and functions have been added in the generator context to make it easier to write templates.

For example, a combination of new annotations and new functions simplifies SQL code generation.

Among others, here are some new objects usable in the templates: $sql, $reference, $factory


The databases are now defined in a ".yaml" file : "databases.yaml"

A "yaml" file is more convenient for editing, the yaml format being supported by most editors.

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