Model from database

Creating a new model from a database is now more accurate and more flexible.

New model information retrieved from database :

  • Entity level :

    • @DbCatalog(..)

    • @DbSchema(..)

    • @DbTable(..)

    • @DbView

  • Attribute level :

    • @DbType(..)

    • @DbName(..)

Customization in "databases.yaml"

New options allow you to define more precisely what you want to get from the database :

linksManyToOne: true
linksOneToMany: false
linksManyToMany: false

dbComment : false
dbCatalog : false
dbSchema : false
dbTable : false
dbView : false
dbName  :     false    
dbType :     false    
dbDefaultValue: false


  • model files are now always created in UTF-8

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