Target languages


Kotlin is a new predefined target language added in version 4.1.0
It supports nullable types.


C# target language has been improved
New temporal types have been added :
  • DateOnly ( Day / Month / Year )
  • TimeOnly ( Hour / Min / Sec / NanoSec )
Nullable types are now supported for C#


Typed class properties have been added in PHP 7.4
So it's now possible to generate PHP code with the type corresponding to the attribute.
The type can be : string, bool, int, float or DateTime
Nullable types are supported for PHP

Nullable types

Nullable types are now automatically provided for the languages concerned ( C#, PHP and Kotlin )
A nullable type is a type with a "nullable mark" at the end or at the beginning of the type, for example :
  • "int?" and "string?" for C#
  • "?int" and "?string" for PHP
The "nullable mark" is automatically added to the type if : the attribute is 'nullable' and $env.typeWithNullableMark is set to TRUE