Telosys-CLI version 4.1.0 brings some minor improvements and 3 new commands.

New commands

"genb" command

"genb" means "Generation in Batch mode".
It allows to launch code generation for multiple models and multiple bundles of templates
For example genb * * launch generation for all models with all bundles of templates

"fx" command

"fx" means "File eXplorer"
It opens a file explorer located in the current directory.
The file explorer tool is customizable in "telosys-cli.cfg" ( FileExplorerCommand ) so you can use your prefered tool.

"exit" command ;-)

Just a synonym for "q" command, for those who are used to quit with the "exit" command in other tools. Telosys don't want to change your habits ;-)

Minor changes

  • commands standardization (options and behavior)
  • "-none" option for commands "b" and "m" (to clear current model or bundle)
  • partial name generalization in many commands (for bundle name and model name)