Generator objects

In addition to the evolutions concerning the model, some technical objects have also changed.

New objects

  • $csharp : utility functions for C# code generation

  • $php : utility functions for PHP code generation

Changed objects

  • $java : toStringMethod(..) new parameters (same as in $csharp and $php )

  • $jdbc : provides automatic conversion to SQL column and type, useless functions removed : resultSetGetter(), valueForPreparedStatement(), preparedStatementSetter()

  • $env.typeWithNullableMark = true/false (for target languages with nullable mark : PHP, C#, ...)

Deprecated objects

  • $today : use $now instead

New features

  • Improvements regarding generic ORM 'GeneratedValues' ('AutoIncremented')

  • JPA code generation improvements ( $jpa object ) : generated value, cascade, etc

  • Many to many relationship is now simpler to manage ( with JoinTable based on @JoinEntity )

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